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8967 Glenoaks Blvd, Sun Valley, CA, 91352

What We Do

With a passion for excellence and a commitment to your satisfaction, our experienced team is ready to provide tailored solutions that make a difference.


With high-quality parts and skilled technicians, we ensure your bearings perform optimally, reducing friction and extending the lifespan of your trailer components.

Car Hauler Repair

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience handling various car hauler makes and models. Our professionals deeply understand the complex systems and components that make up a car hauler, allowing them to diagnose and address issues effectively.

Fifth Wheel

The fifth wheel is the pivot point between your vehicle and the trailer. Our technicians can inspect, repair, and replace fifth wheel components, ensuring a secure connection and smooth operation.

Gearbox Replacement

When your vehicle's gearbox shows signs of wear and tear or has broken down completely, trust our expert gearbox replacement service. We specialize in sourcing and installing high-quality gearbox components, ensuring your vehicle's transmission system functions at its best.

Trailer Repair

Our expert trailer repair services ensure your trailer is in top condition. We handle everything from structural repairs to electrical fixes, ensuring safety and reliability for your cargo transport needs.

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